Hollis Brown - the author of:

The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat

an extremely exciting

adventure story for children.

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Front Cover of
'The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat'.
Hollis Brown at
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     Hollis Brown was born a long time ago and lived down Ashridge Way in the small town of Sunbury-on-Thames.
     In those days, Ashridge Way was an isolated road surrounded by an orchard, a wild wood, known locally as 'The Jungle', a stream and open fields. Family owned cars were a rarity back then. He can even remember the Vienna Bakery delivery van being pulled by a horse, as was the most important visitor to Ashridge Way: Mister Hiles' ice-cream cart. With all this open space and empty roads you can be sure that the young boy was out playing with his mates from early morning 'till dusk.
     Hollis Brown was educated at the Kenyngton Manor primary, junior and senior schools. To be honest, he did not do very well academically. Maybe this is because he is not happy when being told what to do.
     At the age of twelve, he began working for the local newsagent delivering morning papers down 'The Avenue'. This experience must have been a great help when describing Skin doing the same job in 'The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat'.
     After leaving school Hollis Brown worked for a design office in Hounslow, a good grounding for his future chosen profession: a designer of special purpose machinery. He married and had two children: Christopher and Amy.
     One day, while browsing in a book shop, Hollis spotted a 'Famous Five' book written, not by Enid Blyton, but by a man. How odd. After reading the first page, Hollis was not at all impressed. He spoke to his daughter, by now a teenager, saying "Amy, you can do better than this. Why don't you have a stab at trying to write a 'Famous Five' adventure?" Two weeks later, Amy presented her father with the first two chapters of a book titled: 'Five Go To London'. Hollis Brown was amazed. These two chapters were so good; so 'Famous Five'; so Enid Blyton. He was so impressed that he encouraged Amy to carry on writing. But Amy had now become a working girl and writing was, for her, a thing of the past. But not for her father. Writing was to be Hollis Brown's future.
Haadrin Beach, Koh Phangan.

Hollis Brown collected together the two chapters of Amy's notes and headed off to Haadrin Beach, on the island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand. A year later he returned carrying the finished manuscript with a new title:

'The Famous Five: The Final Adventure.'

This story is planned to become:

'The Buccaneer: The Final Adventure.'

And what about 'Filmstar and Sausage'? Sorry guys, the outside world is not quite ready for the answer to that question just yet.

The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat

is the first in a series of adventure stories involving four children: Elké, Rebecca, Biffer and Skin, otherwise known as:

The Buccaneers.

In this adventure The Buccaneers pit their wits against a master criminal, alias:

Fat Cat.

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The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.
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Hollis Brown has written two children's adventure stories: 'The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat' & 'The Famous Five's Final Adventure'.

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