Real Characters
The Real Aitch.

The real H is not a dog at all, but a person.
I met H in Albufeira, Portugal, in the summer of 1990. He knows Biffer, Friddle and Skin very well.
I wanted H to be in the adventure but the only position left was a dog... Sorry H.

The Real Biffer.

I first met Biffer Swain on The Algarve, Portugal, back in 1991. He was running The Geordie Lad, a bar in the coastal town of Albufeira, together with a few other young lads including Friddle, Skin and H.
Biffer is a larger than life character making him a worthy leader of:
               The Buccaneers.

The Real Elké.

Elké is from a mountainous region of Austria so skiing, to her, is as natural as walking.
Anyone who can race, like Elké, down the side of a mountain at a hundred kilometres an hour must have nerves of steel. That is why I chose her to be one of:
               The Buccaneers.
Elké is now married with two children and lives in Perth, Australia.

The Real Skin.

Skin still lives in Aston, still plays football for a local team and is still the best of mates with Biffer and Friddle.

The Real Capt. Friddle.

Captain Friddles real name is Robbie Criddle. He is now married with three children and lives in Burton-on-Trent. He is the owner of a barbers shop aptly named Bob the Barber.
Robbie has ordered me to say that he is tall, handsome and definitely has no sign of a limp.

The Real Mr Woodhead.

Steve Woodhead ran a superb guest house in the delightful coastal village of Unawatuna, Sri Lanka. Leanne and I stayed there for almost five months. At that time I had written the first seven chapters of The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat but was not at all happy with the result. Steve read the manuscript and told me that chapters one to five were great but that six and seven were rubbish. We all headed off to Varkala, India where I re-wrote chapters six and seven before carrying on to finish the book. Steve, your criticism was spot-on. Thanks.

The Real Leanne.

I first met Leanne on Haadrin Beach on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand on Christmas Day, 1991 and have been great friends ever since.
Leanne now lives in Burgaronne, southwest France with her husband, Sylvain, and two children. They all live in a magnificent straw bale house that Sylvain built. Leanne has a hand made soap business.
Please visit her web site:      

The Real Kathy.

Kathy was born in Liverpool and married Colin before moving to Vancouver, Canada. They live close to Leanne in the southwest of France.

The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.
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