The Supporting Cast.

   Sheba is Fat Cat's secret weapon. At night she is allowed to wander freely around the grounds of:

Impala Lodge.

    Sheba is a:

Black Panther.



Leanne is Kathys cheeky eleven year old daughter daughter who sometimes serves in:

The Buccaneer Cafe.




Keith Doyle

   Keith Doyle, known by his school mates as Prof., is a very intelligent teenager. Keith, together with his pet cockatoo, Einstein, has been missing for three months.
Are they dead? Have they been kidnapped?
Find out by reading:

   The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.


keith doyle

   Kathy is the sole owner of:

The Buccaneer Cafe

   and jealously guards her independence, especially from her husband, Colin. She is also like a mother to Biffer and Skin.



Grandad Jock

Grandad Jock plays a small part in:

The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat

but has a big influence. Grandad Jock might be old and frail, but his mind is still razor sharp. In his younger days Grandad Jock was a member of the worlds most effective and feared special forces unit. The legendary:

Special Air Service.


The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.
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The Famous Five: The Final Adventure.

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