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The Buccaneers are The Famous Five... with attitude!
   Biffer is a born leader, but beware! Do not follow too close behind or he is liable to leap off of any cliff edge, drop a full ten metres and land with seeming ease and agility. Fear is not a word that Biffer recognises.
   Biffer and Skin have been close friends for many years. They grew up together living rough on the streets of Aston and now live in a squat down Kenilworth Drive.          ________________
   Elké was born in Austria into a circus family and has all the attributes you would expect from a circus girl: being daring, acrobatic and having a special understanding of wild animals.    Tragically Elké's mother suffered a fatal accident while attempting a spectacular acrobatic feat on the high trapeze.
   'The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat' opens with Elké in the middle of a journey to find her father, who is working as a clown for a circus in Birmingham, England.          ________________
   Rebecca ran away from an orphanage in Bristol because, in her own words "There were too many rules."
   Later in life Rebecca would look back at her time in the orphanage with affection and also appreciate the excellent education she had received, especially in her favourite subject: mathematics.          ________________
   Skin is hyperactive, a natural comedian and somewhat of an exhibitionist. Wherever the action is, you can be sure that Skin will be at its very centre.    One of the great loves of Skin's life is the motor car. Put him in a pair of overalls, give him a set of spanners and Skin would be as happy as Larry tinkering all day to improve the performance of any high powered sports car.
   His other great love is the 'Aston Villa Football Club'.          ________________
Captain Friddle
   Captain Friddle received a leg wound at The Battle of Goose Green in The Falklands War, and was consequently invalided out of The Army. Not one to sit and mope, Captain Friddle used his army training to become a much respected private detective, specialising in the investigation of forgers and bank robbers.    Captain Friddle is often referred to as 'The Sixth Buccaneer'.          ________________
captain friddle
The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.
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