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The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat

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   As a child I loved to read The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. I would lay on my bed during long summer days totally engrossed in The Fives adventures. And what a wonderful surprise it was to find that later in life I could write in a similar fashion to Enid Blyton. Anyone who can earn a living from writing novels is a very lucky person indeed. Just think: all you need is a pen, paper and a table on which to write.
   As soon as I arrive at a new location, the hunt is on for a table. I visit all the local restaurants, for food on tap all day long is a writers first need. My second need is no piped music, but having a picturesque view and an abundance of coconut palms are a definite must.

West End, Roatan, Honduras

   Chapters one and two of The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat were written on Roatan, a Caribbean island just off the coast of Honduras. The table belonged to a posh restaurant and stood on decking that was constructed right over The Caribbean Sea. Colourful fish would swim within inches of my feet. Each side, lining the beach, coconut palms swayed in the gentle breeze.

Nkhata Bay, Malawi

   Nkhata Bay, on the very edge of Lake Malawi in Africa, was the location of my next table used for the writing of chapters three to five.
   One day I decided to do a bit of snorkelling in the lake, but my enjoyment was somewhat dampened by being told to "keep an eye out for the crocodile. He's been spotted cruising around for the last week or so."
Malawi hums with an inherent rhythm. Each morning I am aroused by a passing gang of locals, being trucked to work, singing together in perfect harmony.
   For a special Sunday treat I climb the long, steep road, with twenty-two hairpin bends, to the village of Livingstonia and am greeted by numerous churches each packed with a gospel singing congregation.
   Africa is the most amazing contintent.

Varkala, Kerala, India.

    Varkala is a cliff-top village on the south western coast of India, with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean. Schools of dolphins skim across the waves not ten metres from the beach. Even huge whales make an appearance, blowing spouts of water high into the air.
   I find a table, surrounded by coconut palms and only five metres from the cliff edge, in the grounds of a small hotel. Perfect. I would arrive each morning, order breakfast and maybe glance through a copy of yesterdays Times of India, before beggining the serious job of writing.
   Three months later my Indian visa runs out, but I have managed to write chapters six to twenty-two.

Machapuchare Mountain

    My final table sits alongside another lake, at Pokhara in Nepal. Phewa Lake is tranquil in the extreme: no motor vessels allowed. And what a setting. Along the far side of the lake runs a ridge of blue hills, but even more impressive is the view behind me: The Himalayan Mountain Range with the magnificent Machapuchare Mountain taking pride of place.
   Two months have passed since leaving India and all the while I have had chapter twenty-three inside my head. But could this image be transfered onto paper? My worries proved to be unfounded, for two weeks after sitting at my final table the manuscript was finished.

Phewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal.

   The table at the centre of this picture, occupied by the young couple, is the actual table that Hollis Brown wrote the final three chapters of The Buccaneers Fight Fat Cat.

   Celebration time! And what could be a better way to celebrate than to slip on a small backpack and head off into the 300 kilometre Annapurna Circuit: undoubtedly the greatest trek in the world.

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